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Hilton Head offers an unparalled scope of history featuring sites from the major phases of North American history: pre-Columbian Native American, Early Explorers, Revolutionary War, Plantation Era, American Civil War, and Reconstruction periods as well as being the location of the first planned resort-retirement community in the world in the 1950’s, an historic event in itself .

This tour offers you the opportunity to participate in an intensive, in-depth exploration of an individual site of your choosing. You will learn how the events and characters involved shaped this nation’s history. Choose from one of these sites that have been carefully selected to give you an enriching historical and cultural experience or customize a tour. Tours are offered 7 days a week - call (843)422-3842 to request your preferred date and time and to check availability.

Single Site Intensive Exploration

Mitchelville, Birth Place of African American Freedom and The Dawn of Reconstruction

Fort Walker - Battle of Port Royal

Sea Pines Plantation: The Commercialization of Environmentalism

This tour includes the sites of the remains of Fort Walker and Fort Sherman, The Pope House on Coggins Point, and the approximate site of the Union Navy coaling station on Skull Creek, and will examine Union and Confederate preparations for battle, the events of the battle itself, and the influx of liberated slaves beginning on November 8, 1861.

This tour focuses on the establishment of the first fully-self-governed Freedmen’s town in the U.S. and on certain events including former slave Robert Smalls’ commandeering of the Planter, a Confederate gunboat, from its Charleston wharf and delivery to the Union Navy yard at Hilton Head and the beginning of the widely watched Port Royal Experiment, considered by many to be the “rehearsal for Reconstruction”.

This tour includes several sites within the Sea Pines Plantation which are central to the story of Charles Fraser’s innovative development of the Sea Pines Plantation, the first environmentally-sensitive resort-retirement devstination in the world, from a maritime forest which had been the focus of his family’s logging operations.

Santa Elena, 1566-1587: The First European Colony in North America

This tour to the Beaufort area includes visits to the Santa Elena History Center, and, conditions permitting, to the site of the 16th Century Spanish town, capital of Spanish Florida from 1571-1576 on the shores of Parris Island.  If conditions do not permit visitation of the site itself, it will be viewed from Dolphin Head on Hilton Head Island, and the examination of the settlement life will take place on Mitchelville Beach in Hilton Head

Siege of Fort Pulaski and the Premature Emancipation Proclamation

This tour will be to the site of Fort Pulaski in Savannah and will examine the discord among the Union high command on Hilton Head, the revolutionary strategy for the April 1862 assault on what was believed to be an impregnable fort, the events of the battle and the surrender, and Fort Pulaski’s role through the remainder of the Civil War.

This tour will visit the approximate site of the Hilton Head camp of the first regiments of African-American troops raised under arms for Civil War duty, and will include a visit to the Ridgeland site of the Battle of Honey Hill, one of the last significant victories for the Confederacy in the war and the first major battle in which U.S. Colored Troops constituted the majority of forces for the attack.

The Initial Integration of US Army and Battle of Honey Hill